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Shop easily and enjoy the joy of earning up to 100% on spending and rewards from CPITOKEN, along with hundreds of merchants worldwide

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Why CPIToken?

“CPITOKEN is an e-commerce platform integrating Web3 technology into the shopping experience, allowing users to earn up to 100% of spending and more rewards through a unique Shop-and-Earn mechanism.”

Shop-and-Earn Experience


Shop3 Marketplace

Witness a unique blend of exclusive merchandise and crypto transactions, catalyzing a Web3 marketplace driven by community engagement.

CPI Payment Gateway

Secure, borderless crypto payments without extra fees. Start accepting Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies on your website now.

How to CPITOKEN work?


Key Highlights

Fully Integrated Native Token

CPI at the Core: Our native token, CPI, is integrated throughout the Shopcek ecosystem, offering you significant discounts on Merch products. It’s a token that extends beyond payment, enhancing your shopping experience with valuable savings.


Lets users earn Defi Shopping Reward or Cashback, access diverse product options with token payments, and securely verify transactions on the blockchain, while merchants can attract buyers with incentives and manage their businesses freely.

Physical and Digital Stores

Build The World-First Smart Shopping In Web3 For Both NFTs with Digital and Physical Products By Establishing A Bridge Between Defi And E-Commerce

Superior User Experience

Effortless Crypto Shopping: Our platform is designed for speed and simplicity, making crypto payments swift and straightforward. We’re dedicated to providing the best customer experience, crafting a truly seamless crypto shopping journey for you.

Versatile Payment Options

Crypto & Card Convenience: Embrace flexibility in payments with our versatile options. Whether you prefer cryptocurrencies or traditional credit cards, we have you covered for all your shopping needs.

Worldwide Delivery & Free Shipping

Global Reach, Zero Hassle: Shop without borders with our worldwide delivery network. Our six global fulfillment centers ensure that your desired products are delivered swiftly and free of shipping charges.


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